Heaven Pit - Cave 3

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Heaven Pit - Cave 3;

This is a 70 m deep elliptical pit. South of the bottom of the pit is the entrance of a 200 m long large cave of which deepest point is 135 m below the surface. At the entrance of this gate is a small church built in the 5th century by a religious person named Paul and dedicated to Virgin Mary, according to the four-line inscription on its entrance gate.

A stairway made of 452 wide stone steps leads to the interior of the Chasm of Heaven. The church is at the 300th step. At the end of the cave after the church, the sound of an underground river can be heard.

The Pit of Hell (Cehennem Çukuru) 75 m north of the Chasm of Heaven was formed similarly. It is 128 m deep. It is impossible to get inside this pit, since its edges are concave.

According to the myth, after defeating Typhon, a fire flashing dragon with hundred heads, Zeus imprisons him in the Pit of Hell for a while, before trapping him underneath Mount Etna forever.

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