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3D Photo


Better than Photography , Faster and Effective than Video

With Panoramic Photo, you can see everywhre of the place and you will feel like there. You can zoom-in or zoom-out in place and moving every where in place. Easy to use interface and fast viewing is get better promote technic for internet.

With the interactive button and direction you can move another place in virtual tour. You can see every panorama in map area and just one click you will see the this place photo or just click on the interactive button at panoramic photo, you can move too.

With the map you can see the whole place. On the map added button where panoramic photo shoot.

On the backstage of virtual tour, everythings in Flash format cause of then visitor visiting so easy and viewing without any codec or plug-in. With the Flash format, virtual tour is so fast and high quality.

360Tr.com Virtual Tour abilities are theese ;

All virtual tour in Flash format, cause of then fast and easy to use. And you Don't need to install any plug-in.
Map and place list you can see whole place.
You can move another place by clicking interactive button on the panorama or clickin button on the map.
All virtual tour viewable at Full Screen.
All virtual tour optimized for internet promote. Small kb with high quality.
Zoom-in or zoom-out are available for every virtual tour.
Also information window could add in the panorama photos. With the information window you can promote more info or photo about this place.
All vitual tour could produce any language.
All virtual tours are compatible for every browser. IE, Opera, Firefox, Chorome ...
Also you can promote all virtual tour in CD or DVD format. Plug and Play style every virtual tour could be promote.
Optionaly every panorama could use as Screen Saver.

Where are the suitable for Virtual Tour?

Otels and Hotels
Real Estate Company
Restoration Company
Construction Company
Activity - Promote Company
Mosque and Church
Storage Area
Mansion and Pavilion
Culture Center
Weddings Palace
Spor Center
Historical Place

and who wants to promote their place and area .

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