Aktekke Mosque - Exterior 2

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Aktekke Mosque - Exterior 2;

The Aktekke Mosque, located in Karaman city center, has been built by Alaaddin Bey in 1370. Ashlars were used as the construction material which has given a particular natural appearance to the mosque. With its single dome and high minaret it is a worth seeing structure. The minaret is the first example of classical Ottoman minarets. Inside the mosque, there are the tombs of Mümine Khatun, the mother, Alaaddin Çelebi, the brother and some relatives of Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi, and also Karamanoğlu Seyfeddin and Süleyman Bey. The windows of the mosque were designed to facilitate the penetration of sunlight in order to utilize day light in maximum. In the prayer hall of the mosque it is possible to see one of the beautiful hand carvings of the Ottoman Classical Period.

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