Eskisehir Aviation Park - F-100 Super Sabre

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The F-100 is a fighter-bomber aircraft based on the design F-86 "Saber", developed by the "North American" company. In addition to the F-100C, the F-IOOD type av-bombardment type was also developed and found a wide range of applications.

Hunter skills have been improved, equipped with 4 AIM-9 AA missiles and tactical bomber aircraft to carry the M-61 nuclear bomb under the body. There is also the F-100F, a two-seater type of training. All three types were used in Turkish Air Force.

Between 1953 and 1959, 2294 pieces were produced, of which 1274 are of the F-100D type. These were the J57s, developed by Pratt & Whitney for the F-86s, developed by the J47 jet engines. These "afterburners" are the first American turbo jet to produce thrust on 10,000 lbs.

The nickname for the F-100s is "Super Saber." In the early years of the Vietnam War, these planes were not able to succeed in their superior maneuvering capabilities of the MiG-17s, in addition to the maneuvering capabilities of the MiG-21s in excess of Mach-2 speeds and were withdrawn and replaced with the F-4E "Phantom-2" .

From 1958, Turkish Air Force F-100s began receiving delivery within MAP program. The first arrivals were the F-100D and F-100F models and were shipped from the USAF inventory. A total of 163 flights have been received from these flights.

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