Eskisehir Aviation Park - F-5 Freedom Fighter

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A total of 232 F-5 airplanes, from 1965 to the present day, entered the Turkish Air Force inventory. The first F-5 aircraft were brought to Turkey by ship on December 1965. For the first time in the history of the Turkish Air Force, on November 23, 1966, the F-5A aircraft were passed by the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2002, 48 aircraft were modernized and named F-5 2000. 132, 151, 152, 161, 162 and 184 Fleet Commands in the roles of Av-Prevent, Av-bombardment and Discovery. Between 1966 and 1971, Coskun flew with Akrotimi F-5 planes. F-5 planes currently function in the 133rd and 134th Fleet Commands. Turkish stars Akrotimi has been flying with F-5 planes since 1992. The F-5A / B Freedom Fighter and the F-5E / F Tiger II are low cost and easy to maintain advanced training aircraft. The counterpart of the USSR and the Eastern Bloc is the L-39 Albatrostur. It is used as a training aircraft in the Top Gun style war training schools in the United States Air Force. It is more favorable to weaker economies because of its low cost. The plane is back from the technology of today. The Turkish Air Force is also planning to use these aircraft as training aircraft for a while with a modernization project. The F-5 is a multi-purpose aircraft and has very high maneuverability. Sidewinder fighters for Air Wars. It also carries bombs and rockets for black attacks. The two-person training version of the F-5B also has a photo-discovery version called RF-5. The F-5 is produced under license in many countries

Our flight number 66-9212, which is displayed in open space in our park, was obtained from the Norwegian Air Forces and was used in service of the 151st Fleet Command between 01.10.1986 - 29.02.1996. In total there are 5206 hourly flights. It is exhibited in our park from its foundation.

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