Eskisehir Aviation Park - RF-4E Phantom

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The Turkish Air Force has been one of the important "Phantom" users in the 1970s. The Turkish Navy has a total of 236 "Phantoms", some of which are new orders, some of which have been transferred from other NATO countries, of which 182 are F-4E.

A total of 101 people, including 8 pilots, 4 SSO officers, 2 maintenance personnel, 11 electronic officers and 86 non-commissioned officers, went to the USA to study Phantom. The first group moved on 13.10.1973 and the second group moved on 03.07.1974. In 15.08.1974 a domestic training center was established in the 1st Main Jet Base (Eskişehir) and the activity started.

The number of aircraft arriving in 1974 was limited to 8 F-4Es after the US embargo was implemented due to the Cyprus Peace Operation. Four of these were delivered to the 112th Flotilla, and the other four were delivered to the 113th Flotilla. January 8

From 1975, the delivery was resumed, and the "Phantoms" were assigned to the 161st Flight at the 6th Main Jet Base. However, upon the commissioning of this F-16C, the Phantoms were transferred to the 171st and 172nd Phillies at the 7th Main Jet Base to replace the F-5A's.

As a result of Turkey's support of the US in the Gulf War, Turkish Air Force has given 40 "Phantoms" from the USAF in "Peace Diamond VI". The shipments of these planes began on 25 March 1991 and were used for the re-installation of the 112nd and 172th Fleet. Between 1992 and 1994, 32 RF-4E retirement vehicles from Luftwaffe were donated to Turkey and these aircraft were allocated to the 113th Fleet. In the same way, the 173th Fleet was equipped with these planes, and the F-4Es in the file were transferred to the 172th Fleet. 172. The F-4Es in the fleet were also transferred to the 171th Fleet. As a result of this, the 171th Fleet Offensive, 172 Fleet Prevention and 173th Fleet undertook photo-reconnaissance missions.

RF-4E is a variation of the F-4E that can perform photo-reconnaissance tasks. Has been one of the most important reconnaissance elements of Turkish Air Force since 1978. The Turkish Air Force had 236 F-4E and RF-4E, some of which were new orders and some of which were transferred from other NATO countries. Of these, 54 is RF-4E.

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