Hasankeyf - Great Mosque

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Hasankeyf - Great Mosque;

Hasankeyf, a historical settlement place, 37 km. far away to Batman city center, where had been the science and culture center of the region once upon a time, has lost its significance presently since the transportation routes and trade centers had replaced.  The city had been put under protection through the announcement as Archeological Protected Areas in 1978 and 1981. Today, Most of the survived historical artifacts in Hasankeyf are the mosques and hermitages from times of Eyyubi’s. 

Impressions of Urartian have been recognized from place to place over the wreckages of the city walls, those are environing the Interior Castle. The Gate of First Entry and the main massif of the Grand Palace date from Rome period. The artifacts of Artuquid Empire, those bring the city its second identity, are also consisting of wreckages. The first half of the Grand Mosque, Tigris Bridge, some part of the Grand Palace and waterworks transmitted to the Palace are each Artuquid artifacts. The only artifact that belongs to Aqqoyunlu Period is Zeynel Bey Tomb. 

Source: Prof. Dr. Abdüsselam ULUÇAM “History of Hasankeyf and Search, Dig and Recovery Project of Archeological Protected Area, 2008-2009 Works”

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