Mardin Museum Hol 2

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Mardin Museum Hol 2;

Museum Building, Mardin Shar Quarter 1 Republic Square, located north of the street a group of Syrian house. Patriarch of the Syrian Catholic Patriarchate of Antioch in 1895 commissioned by Behnam Bani building was restored and opened as a museum in 1995. For religious purposes, the building, which for a long time, the military garrison, the various political parties, center, co-operative building, used as a health center and police station. Catholic Foundation bought the building from Syrian Ministry of Culture, Mardin Museum moved into the building by Zinciriye Madrasah.
With yellowish limestone double-entry, three-story museum, internal and external vaults, arches and column headers and a unique collection of stone masonry works is one of the most important museums in Turkey. Cover the building as a system of cross-vaults, round barrel vault, pointed barrel vault and mirror instances of cross vaults come to the fore.
Administrative offices on the first floor, consultation, conference room, laboratory, dining room, second floor, ethnography, exhibition hall, library and work warehouses, halls and specialized rooms on the third floor there are archaeological artifacts.
Obtained from the excavations of the mound Girnevaz tablets, cylinder seals, pottery, figurines and jewelry, Northern Mesopotamia and Southeast Anatolian cultures, Early Bronze Age, Assyria, Urartu, Greek, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods Artuklu ceramics, seals, oil lamps, coins and glass bottle samples exhibited Archaeology Hall.
Among the works on display in Hall Midyat district of ethnography, especially the silver workmanship examples of a long history, traditional clothes, swords, coffee (mırra) sets, bath sets, prayer beads, copper objects are included.

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