New Minaret Mosque - Mihrab

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New Minaret Mosque - Mihrab;

The New Minaret Mosque, located in Karaman city center, was built in 1522 by Cambazzade Kadı Abrurrahman Efendi. The mosque, built of ashlars, has a central and big dome. Octagonal drums from outside and Turkish triangles from inside were used to reach to the central dome. The thin and long minaret with a single balcony is situated on the corner where praying hall and the narthex intersect on the western side. Ashlars were used almost everywhere in the mosque. The minaret of the mosque, being a wonderful masterpiece of Turkish architecture with its stalactite under the balcony where belt ornaments placed right in the middle together with the systemic parapets, has a fascinating beauty and impresses everyone who sees it. The name of the mosque is New Minaret as the mosque was destroyed and re-built by Yıldırım, the Ottoman Sultan.

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