Yenişehir Grand Mosque - Mihrab

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Yenişehir Grand Mosque - Mihrab;

District of Pendik district of Istanbul, the Grand Mosque construction works HT Yenişehir On the first of Ramadan 1432 beloved Prophet , "Who you take out a prayer for God's sake , Allah will bestow a mansion in heaven to him in return " topic of hadith, with the assistance of the believers thank God Almighty Hakka completed. Church on a land of 12,000 m2 in 1600 m2 of floor area sahip.Ulu session basement Mosque , the mosque consists of 3 floors , including solid and Mahfel times .

Ulu Mosque, 7,60 m . large radius of the dome , the portico of 24 domes m.yarıçaplı 2.20 , 5.00 m . has a radius of 8 mahfel domes . 5000 people at the same time is able to ibedet Ulu mosque .

Ottoman architecture of the eastern and western corners of the Ulu Mosque with two minarets Yenişehir , wood engraving mosque in front of the front entrance gate, the open sections of the cloisters where the left and right sides of the two pieces of wood engraving greeting bulunmaktadır.Caminin the northwest side of the entrance door in the basement of 187 m2 ' men and women of the community can take ablutions with hot and cold water fountain in the structure of the toilet and on the art of the eight gene 's 4 m square domed Ottoman Architecture . the construction of a large fountain and men şadırvanlarda başlanacaktır.Bayan radius of 50 people at the same time able to take ablution . 2.5 m in the northeast side of the mosque . radius dome and wooden embroidered ladies haremlikli small for the congregation shall be a fountain .

8000 closed with iron bars surrounding wall of the mosque m2 garden vegetable garden landscaping will be implemented .

Mosques , worship Allah, remembrance , education , unity and harmony , places of peace and tranquility .

Almighty Lord , the Holy Qur'an says: "Verily the mosques , Allah , then, do not worship anyone along with Allah " , "O children of Adam ! Wear nice clothes when you go to any mosque . " Verses as the name implies , has an important place in the house of God accepted Islam mosque mosques, regarded as symbol of Islam, Mosques, Muslim indicates that the place where the people of our beloved Prophet , " the earth mosques in the city reported that Allah 's cute . "It 's not the haphazard mosques , the most beautiful dresses worn entered.

Almighty Allah in the Qur'an as the importance of the mosque, reports : " The mosques of Allah , but those who believe in Allah and the Last Day , faith strengthened , those who fear none except Allah and development that will zekatlarını Here , they are off to the sages umulanlar are the " beloved Prophet (PBUH ) said:" Whoever you take out a prayer for the sake of Allah , and Allah will bestow a mansion in heaven to him for it tells us that " .

Mosques and prayer rooms , halal and haram to people at the same time , morality, integrity and honesty are taught , the spirit of love, respect and brotherhood committed sacred spaces.

The glory of martyrdom, and the order of veterans , homeland defense, the importance of chastity, dignity and honor , such as the protection given to our people the knowledge and wisdom of many religious and national consciousness races.

Mosques, in which the area of social services and relationships , constantly shining and the surrounding area are like lighting a candle . Mosques, people to love each other in our hearts instrumental olurCamilerin is common , there's life out there , we know it would be no life in us . For this reason, let's keep our kids in the mosque mosques alıştıralımOnların clean warm the hearts of our ties , religion, faith , patriotism , flag, love of nation settled. Away from the rest of the believers mosques, mournful lament not leave the air will wrap them .

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Yenişehir Grand Mosque, Yenişehir Ulu Cami, Mihrab

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