Eskisehir Aviation Park - Dougles C -47

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Of course, the C-47 and its civilian version are the most important and legendary aircraft of the DC-3 aviation history. The military career of the Douglas DC series (Douglas Cargo) began in 1936 with two DC-2 orders under the name USAAC / USAAF C-32. This was followed by 18 DC-2 (in the name of C-33 cargo) and two C-34 personnel carriers. This was followed by an order from the US Army in 1937 that determined the type of a hybrid plane from the tail of DC-2 to the tail of DC-2. This is the C-38 prototype, followed by C-39 with 35 production units. This aircraft is the first serious effort by the US Army to transport air. In 1941, the USAAF chose the C-47, a modified version of the DC-3, as its standard transport plane. The reinforced body base and a wide cargo door were the main changes. Other changes were the addition of a glider hook instead of a cargo hook attached to the bottom of the wing and a tail on the tail.

A total of 110 C-47A / B and DC-3 missions were carried out in Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish Air Forces. However, the first move to buy the C-47 came from the State Airways. DHY (State Airlines) bought 30 C-47A and 3 DC-3 from RAF stocks in Cairo in order to renew their fleet and expand their routes in 1945. This was followed by 18 C-47As taken in 1946 by the Turkish Air Force from the same place as the National Budget. These planes joined our Armed Forces in 1948. These were followed by the start of the American Military Aid and the transfer of 81 C-47A / Bs currently available in USAF stocks to my country. These planes also began to arrive on 13 August 1948 and delivery was completed on 24 April 1949. However, 7 of the 1949 arriving flights were transferred to Iran, presumably another year, the same year. The last C-47s were 11 aircraft added to the Turkish Air Force inventory from 1966 to 1978. Two of them were taken from Libya, one from DHMİ, one from MTA, one from USAFE and 6 from VIP to VIP aircraft. Turkish Military Numbers have been used in aircraft taken from USAFE and THY. C-47s served in the Turkish Air Force for a long time, flying side by side with the C-130 and C-160. Western and Eastern courier flights from Etimesgut until recently were made with C-47s. In December 1993, however, CASA began to replace CN-235s. The EC-47, which has been revised as an anti-countermeasure electronic countermeasures, has been in service until 1995. The last C-47 was set aside in 1998.

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